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"Everyone knows that something is impossible to accomplish, until someone who doesn't know it comes along and invents it." (Albert Einstein)

SECURCEN℗  Ensures, in all process, a careful monitoring of the security procedures for: 

  • The acceptance and handling of the mortuary coffin in the structures concerned.
  • Identify the body, in its wake, in the cremation or burial (in all its passages)
  • The collection and processing of cremation remains (in all passages)
  • The delivery to the family of the urn, also kept in the crematorium, for years.
  • The burial of the funeral casket or urn in cemeteries or cineraries.

SECURCEN℗ Monitors each step, uniquely certifying the entire process.

SECURCEN℗ can be used in any funeral home and can be integrated into accounting / booking systems.

Some advantages in using the SECURCEN℗ traceability system:

  • Identify the body, the hood or the container when traveling from the morgue to the cemetery, ascertaining its position.
  • It receives the date, the start/end time of the various procedures, the data of the deceased, and the data of the operator who performs them.
  • It inhibits any "counterfeiting" or "forcing" of the steps provided for in the work plan.
  • Adaptable to practically any methodology used in the structures concerned.
  • Non-invasive installation of the equipment and without noticeable blocks of normal activities.
  • Redundant system for controlling, processing and storing data locally and / or remotely.
  • The machines are certified with industrial standards, in compliance with the C.E.
  • Respect for the privacy of funeral staff, the deceased and their families.
  • Extreme ease, comfort and intuitiveness in the use of the equipment by the funeral staff.
  • At the end of the process, it sends the data for the closure of the file to the structures concerned

SECURCEN℗ - Installations operating in Europe, as of September 2021.

  • Crematorium at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin (Socrem) (Italy)
  • Crematorium at the Cemetery of Mappano (Turin) (Socrem) (Italy)
  • Crematorium at the Cemetery of Brà (CN) (Coincre-Socrem) (Italy)
  • Crematorium of Lens-Lievin in Vendin Le Vieil (Agglomerations Lens-Lievin) (France)
  • Crematorium at the Cemetery of Delia (CL) (Acquaviva Srl) (Italy) 
  • Crematorium at the Cemetery of Misterbianco (CA) (Misterbianco Cremazioni Spa) (Italy)

References (official awards obtained by SECURCEN℗)

  • Official patronage of FENIOF (Italian Federation of Funeral Home Companies)